My Favourite Winter Body + Home Products

Hello Winter! Just kidding, we are nearly halfway through the season here in Australia, but is this you when the weather starts to cool, happy and excited, welcoming the cold with open arms? I'm envious of you if it is, as for me Winter is definitely not my favourite time of the year. My body tends to ache, my skin becomes super dry and I don't particularly like having to keep the windows closed and all of the blankets on the bed. This year though however, I've found some beautiful products that have made Winter 2017 for me here in Australia that much more bearable.


Lip Balm + Body Butter

Coming into Winter, my lips start to become dry instantly, nothing has ever seemed to work for me. I felt like I had tried everything and had given up and settled with a basic balm. One day though I went into one of my favourite shops to try again, to find a product that would help me get through this Winter, and hopefully indefinitely. I ended up having a conversation with one of the sales assistants and she agreed with me on so many levels about the products I had tried, and then went onto recommend this particular lip balm as it was everything I had described I wanted, and so much more. When I put it on during the day it stays on, even after I eat and drink, and doesn't leave any residue on your lips once it starts to wear off and your skin dries out again. The best lip balm I have ever tried, I've been recommending it to everyone.


After falling so deep in love with how it was making my lips feel, I of course went back for another product from the same brand, the body butter. The night before I purchased this I had a pretty severe reaction to a cream I used on my hands, by a brand I use to really believe in and love. My hands became so irritated after putting it on before bed that I couldn't sleep and ended up in a lot of pain. The next day I tried out this body butter, again on my hands, and it felt life saving, it made my skin feel so soft and nourished, and it smelt amazing too. I have used it regularly since and have never had a reaction, this is of course like all of my blog posts, my own personal journey hence I didn't mention the previous brand I was using. This product if you ever get a chance to try it, you can thank me later. It really is so incredibly beautiful.



Room Spray

As I mentioned, I don't particularly like having the house closed up all the time to keep the cold out, because I'm a fresh air lover through and through, give me the outdoors over air-conditioning any day, yes, even on the hottest of days. This room spray I picked up from a little creatives market I visited in Brisbane when I was actually on the hunt for a location for my photo shoot. Wild Leaf Botanicals was the first stall I stopped at on my way in, the set up was warm and inviting, and so were the souls behind it all. After checking out their products I noticed the room spray, I sprayed some, and immediately fell in love. Falling in love at first smell, definitely a thing. I've since used it regularly around the house and in the bedroom, whenever I feel like things need a little freshening up and a calmer vibe. I'm totally smitten with this product. Keep an eye out on my future product reviews, because I have since aquired some more of their products, which I absolutely cannot wait to share with you too.



Night Cream

These days my skin care routine is pretty minimal, I rarely wear makeup and now focus more on low toxicity products, nourishment from both inside and out! It was a beautiful Sunday morning and after we had a coffee at our local, we went to some local markets in our area. I browsed some of the stalls and then came across The Essential Cleaner. Once again the stall was beautifully presented, leaving me wanting to test it all. The main product though that took my fancy was the night cream after it was so kindly suggested. I've never really had a face cream due to my sensitive/oily skin, I know, what a combination. After trying it on my hand, hearing about the ingredients, the process and having a soulful chat about all things low tox with the business owner it was a must add to my skincare routine. I've since used it nearly every night since and my skin now feels like it's literally glowing, if skin could be happy mine definitely feels happy.

( - I will have to update this post as I wasn't able to find a link to this particular product I found at the market stall online.

All of these brands not only easily caught my attention because they are so beautiful, but also because they are Australian made and owned and all are all low tox products being made from natural and pure ingredients. I'm so in love.

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