The Change Box + Unboxing July


I had been meaning to gift myself one of these boxes for a while after consciously following The Change Box, what they offer and the game changing business that they are over on Instagram at @thechangebox. 'Every box has plant-based luxurious, natural beauty products, delicious snacks and lovely homewares that focus on doing good in the world.' - The Change Box.  It's the 'doing good' that really got me, and after having a chat with them on Instagram I went for it, and am now deeply in love with my monthly subscription.

I've had subscriptions to everything under the sun in the past, from magazines, beauty products and food, but nothing quite like this. The Change Box encompasses everything that I believe in and stand for whilst actually providing me with products that I will love, use and eat, and actually buy again. I'm sure if you are like me and have had 'subscriptions' in the past to numerous things, you may have had what you've received start to pile up on your coffee table, in your bathroom cupboard or even kitchen cupboard. Before you know it you've received another delivery. The Change Box is not like this, I trialed the box in June so July is actually my second box, and quite frankly it makes me so happy inside and out.

Let the unboxing begin..


In the name of keeping it raw and real, this is the 'before I placed everything beautifully for the unboxed photo' photo.


And this of course is the beautifully placed unboxed photo. I actually really enjoy taking everything out and having a go at putting it back in from a creative point of view. Opening this box though put the biggest smile on my face, it was filled with so many beautiful products, not to mention the full sized ones too which secretly makes me really happy (especially when I love them!).


Sleep Balm 28g by The Physic Garden

I tried this sleep balm the night I opened my box and I am already so in love with the product and the brand itself. This balm is 100% natural, vegan and handmade in Australia. I could feel a sensation as soon as I applied it to my skin and the feeling of calm come over me as I drifted off to sleep. I have personally struggled with sleep for a while so anything that helps me fall asleep gets a big yes as part of my pre sleep rhythm.



Sea Salt Caramel Coconut Chips 120g by Knowrish Well

I'm lost for words when it comes to these coconut chips, they are up there as one of the most amazing tasting sweet snacks I've ever had (big call I know). These have absolutely won my heart and I'm trying my very best so savour them slowly.



Relax tea 50g by The Social Cup

This is my kind of wind down tea. It's fresh, floral (literally is full of tiny flowers!) and most definitely relaxing. So incredibly beautiful, I can see myself ending my day with this tea often.



Lemon Myrtle superfood powder (sample size) by Kakadu Plum Co

I haven't tried this product yet, but when I do I will update this post with how I found it. I am planning to use it in my next kitchen creation.



I think of you. You think of Me. card by Time and Space Co

I absolutely love this game changing concept of receiving and giving from a stranger to a stranger (or in other words someone you don't know personally). Spreading the magic of kindness is something I try to practice daily. I am yet to leave my card somewhere, but when I do I will update this blog post with the photo of where I've left it. I can't wait to brighten someone's day.



Cream Blush (there were two colours sent out and I received 'Darling Clementine') by Hanami

I haven't tried this product yet, but when I do I will update this post with how I found it. I am planning to use it when I next do my makeup as I actually hardly wear it anymore and haven't now for a few months other than the odd special occasion or when I need a little bit of sparkle, but I'm still very excited to try this out.


All of these products make change in this world, from being a ethical, sustainable company to donating some of their profits to life changing causes. We 100% vote with our dollar. What better feeling than doing good with the money we are so lucky to earn in the first place. Be a game changer and check out The Change Box.

If you would like to learn more or connect with The Change Box you can at:



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