Creating Body Positivity through Self Love


It's flaws me when I think that throughout our lives that out of all the things we are taught when we are at our most vulnerable, when we soak the most in, and when we are 'finding ourselves', self love isn't one of them.

Being positive about the person we see in the mirror is hard when the world is continuously shoving in our faces over-edited imagery and manipulative media stories about how we 'should' look and feel. The most important person to listen to is you, the person you see in the mirror every day, which is why I believe body positivity starts with self love.

Let's talk about self love.. Self love is not a destination, it is like life, a journey. I don't believe we ever get to a place of complete self love, no, I believe that we are all always going to be a work in progress, that the journey of self love is about loving the person that's in progress, no matter the state of being. We must learn to love what we see, no matter how far away it is from what we want to see, because how can one ever be happy if one is always wanting to see something else in the first place.

To start to love the person you see in the mirror, you have to start to allow yourself to. Allow is a strong word when it comes to self love, it's something so many of us seem to fight. I found peace within my body when I allowed myself to let go of the negativity about how I felt about myself and allowed the positive vibes to flow in. This was a choice, this took time and a lot of work from within.

When I would look in the mirror I practiced only saying good things. This may sound simple to some, but it wasn't for me. It did though eventually begin to sink in from the impact it was having on myself and my life after practicing this form of self love and creating mantras for myself to repeat daily. We weren't all made different only to look like someone else, you were born unique, you are beautiful and always have been no matter the stage of your journey.

The person in the mirror is suffering if every time you look at them you don't like what you see. Why don't they deserve to be loved today, not just when you've achieved your goals. Love is fuel, love is motivating, love is inspiring. Treat your body with the love it deserves and everything starts to change.

When I started to practice self love about my body; the pressure started to ease, I started to find peace and contentment when I allowed myself to feel beautiful no matter what I saw. I also took some physical actions towards working on my own body positivity as well. I got rid of any clothes that didn't fit properly and kept what made me feel good and comfortable, I unfollowed accounts on social media that made me feel less than about my body and my choices, I consciously say thank you when someone gives me a compliment instead of making an excuse or putting myself down.

I understand that everyone's journey is different and it's easier said than done sometimes I know, trust me I know, for me though working on how I feel about my body and myself through self love first has been life changing.It has made room for so much good to come into my life, it has changed my outlook on my choices and helped me to let go of a lot of guilt weighing me down about the person I thought I should be and what I thought I should be doing when I looked in the mirror.

Food for thought.. So you have goals for the future, but who's to say you aren't already the best version of you? Allow yourself to love yourself now, I promise it will be worth it.

All my love,