My Journey to No Makeup


I previously wrote about the beginning of my low tox journey and the products I started with (you can read it here The Beginning of My Low Tox Journey + Nourished Life Delivery), I also mentioned that I hardly wear makeup anymore and promised a post dedicated to this. So this is for anyone wanting to do the same, wondering where to start and how I got to the point of confidence within my own skin. Before I begin I will point out that I don't wear makeup 'most' of the time, I do though still wear it for special occasions or events.

Makeup was a non negotiable daily part of my routine. I would shower, get dressed and then put a full face of makeup on before I left the house, every, single, day. Not only is makeup expensive when you use it every single day, but it was also taking up my precious morning time before I would begin my day. At night I would again have to make time to take it all off. Exhausting right? It sure was.

When I began my low tox journey I also threw out nearly all of my makeup along with the other body products, so going bare faced was going to be a step of this new journey regardless. I will do a further post in the future of the makeup I now wear when I do decide to wear it, and let me tell you, compared to before this is an extremely minimal routine. I am not saying for anyone to go into their bathroom and throw it all out, I jumped into the deep end straight away, but if you are thinking about it, start small and work your way to a more natural routine in the way of makeup, and believe me when I say this is incredibly liberating after wearing it for so long, day in, day out, not to mention the money you save in the long run.

Now let's talk about that liberating journey. I remember the first day I decided not to wear it out.. I felt extremely self conscious, like I was 'unfinished' and not, if I dare say,  at all beautiful in my own skin. Makeup made me feel beautiful, it made me feel ready to take on the world. This should not be the case though for anyone out there, we shouldn't have to cover up to be confident. I kept at it though, I stopped wearing it on the weekends first, and then eventually I stopped wearing it to work, and you know what? Nobody was looking at me any differently, nobody said anything to me, nobody even noticed. I now wake up in the morning and am ready in about 10 minutes, leaving me an abundance of time leftover, say hello to relaxed mornings.

My skin now glows in the morning when I wake up, I don't feel the need to cover up anymore. In fact the last time I put makeup on I looked at myself in the mirror and had a little epiphany, I realised I actually prefer the image of myself without it now. I've gotten more compliments on my complexion than I ever did with a full face of makeup. I also love not having to take it off at night and instead just getting ready for bed and still feeling fresh faced.

I know this may not be a journey to take on for some as some of us have skin issues and we use makeup to make ourselves feel better, trust me when I say I've been there, I've hated what I saw in the mirror without makeup and was once medicated to relieve my skin issues, but it wasn't until I stopped using all of these products on my skin (taking the medication included), it wasn't until I stopped clogging my pores every day with an extra few layers, that my skin really started to heal and finally flourish how it naturally should.

Once again this has been and still is an extremely liberating experience for me, sure it took a lot of days (weeks even) of deep breaths in the mirror and self love pep talks to leave the house feeling self confident, it took daily persistence every day and making myself hold my head high no matter what, but I'll never look back. Remember it's the world that makes you feel like you need to cover up (or money driven marketing schemes if we want to go there), you should never have to, for anyone. You were born natural and naturally beautiful you still are. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Have you started a no makeup journey or are you thinking about it? Tell me about your journey or leave any questions you may have in the comments below.

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