The Pressure of Work/Life 'Balance' + Why I Blend Instead


Do you feel pressured to find the perfect balance in your life? The balance between work and health and play? I know that feeling all too well. The pressure behind having to do it all to be happy.

This pressure is not only heavy on our shoulders which therefore affects our wellbeing (contradiction right), it doesn't help create balance at all, for me personally I find the connotation behind balance to be stressful and in my personal opinion, overrated.

Most of us don't live a life where we can find perfect 'balance' on a daily basis. We go to bed unsure of how we are going to feel when we wake up, we don't know what's ahead and the reality is that we don't really know what might happen at any given moment that could throw us a curve ball, this all leads to balance not being a feasible approach to life. I use to believe in it, I have read so many articles about how to find it, how to create it and how to make it happen, until I couldn't find it, I couldn't create it and I couldn't make it happen in amongst the chaos of life, which is why I now 'blend' instead.

Blending for me came about when I heard Lisa Messenger talk at the Utopia Women's Wellness event in Brisbane back in 2015. She too doesn't believe in balance, but instead believes in blending all the things you need to do with all the things you should do along with the things you love without the pressure of the perfect mix. She believes in working hard, looking after yourself and enjoying life, but with no set 'routine' on how to do it, but just to do it and do it when it works and feels good for you. I had a personal epiphany when she spoke of 'blend' instead of balance like I'd heard so many other health and wellness advocates out there preach about, it affected me on such a deep level that I've never forgotten it. It truly was a total life changing moment for me during my personal journey when suddenly all of this pressure and expectation was lifted off my shoulders all at once, when I stopped focussing on balance once and for all. I'll be forever grateful for her wisdom that day.

So how do I blend? Well, firstly I threw my 'routines' out the window and welcomed with open arms a list of the things I need to do, should do and love to do, except this time in no particular order just that I want to do them on a daily/weekly basis and that this would be enough. This change of mindset was everything. I went from feeling like I needed to fit all these extra to do's around my Monday to Friday, 8.30 to 5 job on a daily basis, at a particular time, the perfect percentage of each, to falling in love with each and every to do all over again, instead of resenting them or just not 'having the time'. I still get it all done, but in my own time and in time.

Some days all I focus on is work and that's ok, others are all about my health and wellbeing, some days I fit in both, and then other days I do nothing but self love. It's very rare anymore that I try and fit everything in on one day or week. I never try to 'balance' it all or anything at once anymore, I guess you can say I went from a strict pressured 'routine' to get it all done and ticked off to living an organic rhythmic life. Through blending I've found true happiness and peace within the everyday no matter what I do, and I won't ever look back.

How to Blend

  • Stop telling yourself you have to find the perfect work/life balance, because you don't!

  • Get rid of that over populated daily to do list and look up bullet journalling to ease the pressure (you can thank me later).

  • Realise that 'life happens' so if you don't get something done today that there is always tomorrow, take the pressure off yourself once and for all.

  • Don't look at anything in life in a ratio that you need to achieve, try to go with the flow a little more.

  • Focus more on your life than what others are doing, tust me when I say that they haven't found the perfect 'balance' either, because there isn't one.

  • Work all day today, play all day tomorrow, there's no rule book that says any two days need to look the same.

  • Know that you can change your course at any given time, when you blend you are the driving force behind each moment, HELLO Blend Queen (or King).


I had so much fun writing this blog post and sharing with you something that I hold very close to my heart, something that has totally changed the way I live my life for the better, and forever. If you have a 'balance' story or you blend as well I would love to hear about it in the comments below.BLEND over balance, every single day.

All my love,