Don't Let Anyone (or Anything) Dull Your SPARKLE


You may have read or heard this quote before, 'Don't let anyone dull your SPARKLE', for me though this isn't just a quote, but a mantra I now live by.

When I first started my journey to become the best version of me I lost a lot.. I lost friends, I lost confidence, I became riddled with self doubt, I was ridiculed for choosing a healthier way of life, I copped slack for wearing activewear all the time, I was laughed at for drinking green smoothies, I was put down for chasing my dream of being the best version of me I could be. It's a funny thing that when you follow the crowd, that that leads to acceptance amongst society, I mean, what is acceptance anyway if you don't accept yourself? When I chose to begin to change my path, to stop partying every single weekend, to stop surrounding myself with toxic people, to say no more often, to say yes to what made 'me' feel good, to do what made my heart and soul SPARKLE, everything changed. This is when I truly started to become the best version of me, I finally started to become the person I was always meant to be.

I remember when I first started my Instagram account @chloeawilson, I started by posting about all of the above and from there I started to organically grow a beautiful little community who got behind me and what I loved, they got behind 'me', the me who I thought the world didn't like because of the bullying I received that came with my new path. I learnt from my community that no matter how hard it gets you have to stick to what you believe in, you have to keep at it and not give up, ever, that there will always be someone who believes in you, it just won't be everyone, and that's ok. If you really want to become the best version of you that you can be and live a life that 'you' are proud of, you have to let go of what others think of you, this is your journey not theirs.

You know, not once in my life have I ever felt the need to put others down for doing something that doesn't directly affect me whether I agreed with it or not, so it was very hard for me to overcome the demons that kept pushing me down and that kept making it harder for me to get back up each and every time. I can honestly say that I spent countless nights in tears crying myself to sleep asking why people were so cruel to me, what did I ever do to them to deserve this when what I do doesn't affect them. I eventually learnt that you can't change what others think of you, that what others think of you and what you do has nothing to do with you, it is more a reflection of what they lack within themselves and what they are unhappy about within their own journey. I started to believe in myself even more, I let go of the non-believers and the (need I say) haters and left them so far behind that now I honestly can't even remember who they are anymore, because they didn't come with me on my new journey, they weren't meant to be a part of this path I'm on now.

If I had let them win, those who tried so very hard to dull my SPARKLE every time I shined I wouldn't be where I am now. I wouldn't have grown my beautiful little community over on Instagram (@chloeawilson) and my passion project here, SPARKLE on darling. It hurts my heart to even say that if I had let them win that this blog may not even exist. So thank you to those who tried, without you I wouldn't SPARKLE with confidence like I do now. One thing to remember when pursuing something different in amongst a society that tries to make everyone all the same, is that no matter what happens, don't be like 'them', the people who try to dull you, don't be anything like them. Let them try, let them tip out all of your glitter on the ground, but don't be like them and bring them down, do though be better, kneel down, give thanks to your own journey and pick up that damn glitter and continue to throw it all around.

You may be wondering after all of the above how I first came across this mantra I now live by, well, once again from my community (who knew social media could be so powerful). Over the years I have had so many of my beautiful followers personally tell me that I SPARKLE, I SPARKLE and SHINE no matter what life seems to throw at me, and I guess from there it stuck with me, it came from people who believed and still believe in me, it became powerful, it's what I'm known for and it's part of who I am now. And from being known as the soul who sparkles, my 'SPARKLE Jar' was born (dedicated blog post to come about this little jar), and soon after this blog, SPARKLE on darling, because I believe that everybody deserves to SPARKLE, I believe that everybody owes themselves to show the world who they really are.

My original vision for SPARKLE on darling was and still is for it to be a place where one can go to be inspired to be their best selves, to chase your dreams and to learn to not let anyone or anything dull your SPARKLE, because the world needs your SPARKLE. Don't get me wrong though even after I say all of this sometimes it's still hard to keep the demons at bay because they continue to show up throughout the journey, but each time they do I remember what I've been through and how far I've come.

So Darling soul, don't let anyone (or anything) dull your SPARKLE, and if they try, get back up, throw some of your glitter around and promise me that you will never give up (because darling let me tell you - glitter is really hard to get off).

All my love,