Should You Keep a Hard Copy Diary + Why I Still Do


With smart phones, smart tablets, laptops and now smart watches, does anyone still write in a hard copy diary? Yes, over here, me, I've got my hand held high for this one.

When I talk about writing in a diary I don't mean like when you were a teenager, keeping a diary can simply be a place to put your special occasions, events, to-do's, bills and where you can brain dump at the end of the day. You don't need to have a deep and meaningful with this notebook, but you can still fill it with meaningful things which will help you feel organised and 'together' throughout the year.

The thing about keeping a hard copy diary away from a 'screen', is that it's a form of true presence, being in the moment. You can't get sidetracked by flipping the page and seeing what your friends are up to, because your notebook isn't a phone, your phone is on charge, it's just you and the notebook at the dining table, ink pen in hand. See, writing is a traditional art form, I call it art anyway. We spend so much time typing, that writing can become a lost tradition in our lives. Even our to-do lists can now be written in our smart phones, at least with a notebook you don't have to make sure it's charged. There is no quick typing or spelling when you write, it makes us really think, it encourages our creativity and creates space in our busy tech-heavy days.

Diaries I love..

  • Active Living Diary by Lorna Jane (this is what I have for 2018 as pictured above)

  • kikki.K Diaries

  • MiGOALS Diaries

Admittedly I've had some really good years where I've written in it regularly, so much so that it has been a go-to hub for my entire calendar, I've also had some years where I've bought one and it's sat in my drawer for the entire 12 months (can you relate?). This year though I am making the effort if not daily, but every Sunday to get my diary out and write in it from anywhere between half hour to an hour.

During this half hour/hour I will..

  • Fill out any extra things that have happened during the week.

  • Fill out my coming week with all my to-do's and check for upcoming bills.

  • Check the month calendar.

At the start of each new month I will..

  • Fill out the month calendar.

  • In the month calendar I will also include the book I plan to read that month (this is part of my 2018 goals - blog post to come).

  • Fill out my coming week (as above).

  • Go over my goals section (the Lorna Jane diary has an amazing section at the front dedicated to this - I had so much fun filling out this years! Below is a snapshot of mine for 2018).


What I include in my diary..

  • Special occasions (Birthday's, anniversaries).

  • Events (Public Holiday's, invitations).

  • To-do's (everyday to do's, appointments).

  • Bills on their due dates.

  • Brain dumping/everyday journaling (anything worth remembering or perhaps that I might need to look back over I add to that day at the end of the day).

For me keeping a diary is so special. I really do thoroughly enjoy the practice of writing in a yearly diary, it's a small amount of time during my day or my week just for me, I find it calming to put my up and coming's onto paper and when I do well at keeping it all year it makes for a beautiful reflection on your year. There's nothing like a handwritten diary to look back on and see what you really achieved (and let me tell you, when it's all written down on paper, it's a lot!).

Note: Writing in this diary is seperate to my gratitude journal which is a lot more personal and part of my self love practice (check out my blog post 'How to Start a Gratitude Journal').


I hope after reading this blog post you are feeling inspired to put pen to paper during 2018. To those who might say 'I don't have time to add yet another thing to my daily rythym like writing in a diary', well to you I say, we all have 24 hours in a day, and at the end of the day we are all doing what we know how to do with what we've been given. Some things in life really are as simple as that, if you want to do it, you will make time for it. Do you keep a yearly diary? I would love to know how you find it and what your favourite diary is in the comments below.

All my love,