My 2018 Goals


As promised I wanted to let you in on my goals for 2018. I have chosen to focus on goals rather than 'resolutions' for the pure fact that it gives me direction, without the pressure. I'm not looking for a solution to problems, I'm just wanting to better myself and my life.

If you follow me on my personal Instagram @chloeawilson or if you have read my previous blog post (read it here 'Should You Keep a Hard Copy Diary + Why I Still Do'), you would already know what my goals are for this year, if not, I'm here to spill the beans (or goals in this case), and of course since I can go a lot more in depth here on my blog, I certainly will. I can't wait to share these with you and further keep myself accountable to make it happen.

Part of my New Year challenge was to 'Set Goals', specifically 3 small goals and 2 big goals.

My 3 small goals..

Get frugal

  • Eat at home more often than out (so far so good!), and in the process find love for cooking all over again.

  • Create and make my own beauty products (I've already got a beautiful 'DIY' beauty book and the cutest glass jars, and of course I plan to blog about these in the future if they work for me which would be really exciting).

  • Choose to go on active dates and adventures instead of somewhere to spend money such as a shopping centre (think river walks, mountain climbs followed by BYO picnics).

Read, read, read

  • I am that person who has a pile of beautiful books sitting in the bedroom, on the shelf, that I'm forever 'meaning to read', this year I'm changing that.

  • I'm holding myself accountable to pick 1 book each month to read and finish.

  • This month I have chosen to read 'Chasing Slow' by Erin Loechner.

Get back into yoga

  • I have said this a lot throughout my journey, but I truly feel like yoga is the one exercise, the one practice, where I truly flourish and gain a lot from, I feel like it really is part of my path.

  • I want to get back into it properly this time by actually sticking to it and making it part of my daily/weekly/monthly rhythm (I've already attended a soulful yoga class in the first week of this year to get the ball rolling and it was absolute bliss).

  • I have booked myself into an 8 week yoga course (though it is only 1 class a week I'm super excited to begin and I think it will still make the biggest difference beyond the mat, which to me is the goal of practicing yoga).

My 2 big goals..

Become 'financially' healthy

  • Rid myself of and say 'no' to any more unhealthy debt, once and for all.

  • Learn more about money ('The Barefoot Investor' is also on my reading list this year).

  • Spend smarter on small everyday and longterm items (I want to really start focusing on investing in my 'needs' rather than my wants).

Go somewhere I've never been

  • I'm going to write an actual travel bucket list (writing things down for me really helps it stick!).

  • See more of the beautiful country I already live in (I live in Australia for my overseas readers).

  • I would love to go overseas, and my above goal of becoming financially healthy will help make this happen.

Of course in amongst all of the above one of my goals is to work even harder on this passion project of mine, SPARKLE on daring, and to give it my absolute all this year. I want to put writing first and start putting my ideas for this blog into action. I have so much bouncing around in my head and already in the works, I'm bursting to share it all with you. Hint: 'Meal Prep by Clo', a new blog post series coming February 2018 to SPARKLE on darling.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my goals for 2018. If you would like to share some of yours, I would love you to do so in the comments below. We are in this together, my sparkling reader.

All my love,