Meal Prep #101


Meal Prep by CloPart #1

What is Meal Prep?

According to Wikipedia, the definition of meal prep is.. 'Meal preparation, sometimes called "meal prep", is the process of planning and preparing meals', now I have to be honest, I don't think I've ever called it by its full name, aka meal preparation, or googled what it is before I started writing this blog post for that matter.

My personal definition of meal prep(aration) is.. 'the practice of making nourishing food in advance to make your life easier'. With that said there is so much more to why I love meal prep and why I think it is such an important weekly practice to embrace.

Why I love it

I first discovered meal prep a long time ago when I moved to Brisbane on my own at age 19, landed my first full time job in the big city and soon after realised that buying lunch everyday was not only taking all of my hard earned money from me, but it also wasn't making me feel very good. When I first started meal prepping I didn't have a lot, I think I only owned a couple of containers and borrowed a mixing bowl, but still I managed to put together snacks and meals to take with me daily in my little lunch bag. Yes, I'm absolutely that adult who carries around a cute lunch bag with PRIDE. Meal prepping makes me feel organised for my week ahead and leaves me feeling proud of myself for putting in the effort that essentially betters my week and in the long run, my life. I'm pretty fond of it huh? You betcha.

The benefits

The benefits of meal prep are endless, but here are my top 10 reasons why I think it is one of the most beneficial practices to add to your weekly rhythm too..

  1. Saves you a lot of MONEY.

  2. Saves you TIME in the long run (no more wasting your lunch break waiting in line).

  3. You KNOW exactly what is in your food.

  4. LESS FOOD WASTE because you can use up leftovers easily.

  5. The food you make will more than likely be HEALTHIER than anything you would buy.

  6. You can TAILOR every meal to your dietary needs.

  7. YOUR BODY from the inside out WILL THANK YOU over and over again.

  8. Encourages your CREATIVITY in the kitchen.

  9. Encourages you to try NEW foods.

  10. Makes you feel like a total organised #GIRLBOSS (or #BOYBOSS).

Meal Prep essentials

To meal prep you will need a few basic pieces of 'equipment' to make it easier. I personally find that having specific pieces in my kitchen for my meal prep allows it to be a more relaxed process come time. I don't have to look for a bowl, spoon or containers with matching lids because I have set aside all of my equipment ready to go for meal prep day.


These are my meal prep essentials..

  • Glass mixing bowl (plastic is fine, but I love my glass one - pictured above)

  • Wooden spoon (pictured above)

  • Spatula (not the kind you flip eggs with, the baking kind - pictured above)

  • Digital scales (again if you don't have digital that's fine, but they are pretty affordable these days and make creating recipes SO much easier, especially when baking when you need exact quantities down to the gram - pictured above)

  • Set of measuring cups (mine have 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, 3/4 cup + 1 cup)

  • Set of measuring spoons (mine have 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp, 1/2 tbsp + 1 tbsp - pictured above)

  • Quality set of containers specifically for meal prep (I use all kinds as I've been doing this for so many years now - I do though favourite my Tupperware for heating up in and my glass containers for my cold meals such as salads)

Extras I have (but not essential depending on your meal prep/lifestyle)..

  • Glass jar/s (I use these for drinks, smoothies or to store snacks in - pictured above)

  • Lunch bag (ok I think this is kind of essential, but it really depends on your personal lifestyle)

  • Cold packs to go in lunch bag

  • Refillable drink bottle

  • Reusable coffee/travel cup

  • Shopping list

  • Market basket/reusable shopping bags

This weeks task

Once you've got your head around the art of meal prepping and you have your cupboard full of your essentials, all you need to do now before you officially begin is establish your personal why, why adding this practice into your week will benefit you. I want you to write this down, stick it on the fridge or somewhere in the kitchen. This little piece of 'why' cake will be your weekly motivation.

I hope after reading this blog post you are feeling inspired and motivated to begin your meal prep journey with me. Make sure to subscribe to SPARKLE on darling back on the home page to ensure you don't miss the next blog post from the 'Meal Prep by Clo' series.

All my love,