Why I Love Taking Myself Out for Coffee


Want to go out for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just a coffee, and have no one to do it with? Well darling, I say that you should go anyway (because you deserve it).

Going on solo dates for some reason, for a lot of people, is a bit 'taboo', it's as if you can't be in public alone at a table and actually enjoy yourself, without feeling like everyone is starring at you. For me, solo dates are one of my favourite things to do by myself, and these days I couldn't care less about what people think of me when I'm out on my own date, enjoying myself, while everyone is looking at me (they aren't looking at me though let's be real - they're too busy glued to their phones!).

When you go on a solo date not only do you get to choose where you go, but you only have 'you' to worry about when you get there too (trust me when I say.. single chair tables are usually the best in the house - think cosy corners and beautiful views, just for you). You can also order what you want (without judgement), you can stay as long as you want, you can read in peace, write or draw, and one of my favourite things to do when I go on a solo date is to simply ponder, about everything and anything that comes to mind, or nothing at all.. coffee in hand.

I don't know why we are all so scared of going it alone, in life itself down to the simplest of situations like taking yourself out for coffee. For me, taking myself out for coffee is one of my favourite things to do because it's total me time, it's completely for me, it's 10, 15, 20 minutes where all I have to worry about is the here and now, the heat of my coffee cup in my palm, the awakening aroma, the intense fresh blend (it's usually more like half hour to an hour though, I soak up these solo dates and squeeze out as much goodness as possible - and order another coffee while I'm there, of course).

Just to be clear, to take yourself on a solo date you do not need to be 'single' to do so (I'm in a long term relationship and I do it all the time, because he knows how much I love it and how good it is for me to have my me time), you could also be the most sought after person in your family and friends weekend schedules, and you can still take yourself on a solo date without them, absolutely you can, and you should. There is no harm in doing things on your own, if anything it's extremely beneficial, it's confidence building and it's character building. You can even take time to meet new people or even have a small conversation with the staff members where you are. They could go an entire shift without a good conversation, and you taking a moment not just to make your order, but to ask them how they are (and mean it), might literally make their day (try not to talk about the weather though, everyone does that, put some effort in.. ask them what their favourite cuppa or blend is!).

Coffee is a great way.. to spend time with YOU.


I hope you've found some solo inspiration to show society that sitting alone, drinking your beautiful fresh cup of coffee (or tea for my tea lover readers out there), in a little cafe full of personality, is something to be envious of, not looked down upon. I for one think this simple ritual, could in fact be one of life's greatest pleasures.

All my love,