Why I Love Having a Personal Trainer


My first personal training session was on the morning of Saturday, 24 February 2018, so I've had a personal trainer now for just over 3 months. Earlier that week I joined a new gym (Anytime Fitness), and with that received a free personal training session.

At that stage I had the intention of working out alone for the majority of my gym attendances, but after my free personal training session I enjoyed it so much that I wanted more of it, a lot more, so I booked another session a week later, and continued to do so for a few more weeks. Recently I've added in another session so I now do two personal training sessions a week, and I still absolutely love it.

Now, in relation to my previous blog post about my fitness journey (read it here - 'Restarting My Fitness Journey (Again)'), I do not attend the gym more than these two times a week when I do my personal training sessions, by choice. I am still taking my new fitness journey slow and steady, because I don't want to end up resenting it this time, and give up on it all over again, I want to exercise consistently for the long term, and by intentionally taking it slow and steady is how I know personally that I will stick with it and finally achieve this.

Again, in relation to my previous blog post, I use to be that girl at the gym every, single day, but I never stuck it out for the long term, it was always an on and off relationship with exercise for me, which is why I want this time to be different, which is why I am investing in a personal trainer to keep me in a regular (no excuses) routine, once and for all.

Having a Personal Trainer ('PT') Pro's + Con's..


  • Someone is waiting for you to turn up, so it is extremely unlikely that you will back out on a session (I haven't missed one yet).

  • Work with you on and around your personal fitness goals, and hold you accountable.

  • Help you stay focussed during a session. I love that I don't have to count my reps (or sets for that matter) and can purely focus on my breath and alignment during my workout to get the most out of it.

  • Encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, which you may not do when working out alone. The amount of new exercises I have done in nearly every single session with my PT still blows me away, I had no idea that I was capable of doing some of the things that I've done.

  • You will get results. Now I'm not saying that you wouldn't if you didn't have a PT, but for me in the 3 months that I've been seeing mine, I have seen more results than I have in the years I've been exercising on and off, because my PT has helped me be consistent, which is what really creates the kind of progress that you can see when it comes to your body.


  • It can be expensive having regular PT sessions, but if you can work it into your budget but saying no to, for example, unnecessary shopping ('on trend' clothes aka fast fashion), which is something I have had to do since having a PT, you can make it work.

  • Unless you have an outdoor PT, you will more than likely have to pay for a gym membership as well, but at least then if you feel like training in between your sessions, you can do so easily in a familiar environment.

  • You are pushed to your limits sometimes and it can be hard, but to be honest I love that, not only obviously do I want my hard earned money worth, but everyone deep down likes to see what they are truly capable of.

  • You do need to find courage to tell your PT when something doesn't feel good, when you don't enjoy something or when you want to be pushed harder, because at the end of the day they aren't mind readers, they aren't you. This is easier said than done, but once you find the confidence to talk to them about how they are training you and what you want out of it, whilst obviously allowing them to do what they do best, you will create a great relationship between your PT and yourself. Realise that they want to help you probably more than you want to help you.

  • At the end of the day they are running a business, so there can be guilt felt around you wanting to switch up your fitness journey once you do commit to a particular PT, but it's ok, they know that peoples situations change better than most employers.

How to find the perfect PT for you?

  • Research their background. Knowing their qualifications and their personal health and fitness background and passions is important, you want to know that they align with you and how you train. My PT is specialised in a lot of different training, specifically sports training, which is great for my bad knees as she knows exactly how to work around my pain to make my workouts as enjoyable and comfortable as possible, whilst still getting the most out of each and every session.

  • Try different PT's out. This might sound a bit silly, but finding a PT that you gel with on a personal level is important too. There will be moments during your session that require conversation to make it enjoyable, and there is only so many times you can talk about the weather right, so finding someone, doesn't have to be an age thing, that you can vibe with and are comfortable being around, is another great thing to look for in someone that you might end up spending a lot of time with (I spend 2 hours a week with mine - and we have a lot of values in common).

Everyone's fitness journey and choices within it are going to be wildly different, but for me making the decision to have regular PT sessions has been an absolute fitness journey game changer, it's been and still is one of the best investments I've made for my personal fitness to date. My love for exercising has come back, and is stronger than ever, I'm feeling more inspired, more motivated and stronger than ever. I plan to add in a session or two eventually in the future, which I will do on my own in the gym around my PT sessions, but in the name of being an advocate for simple and slow living, once again I am really happy with where I'm at right now and what I'm doing, maybe in a couple of months I will be ready for more.

If you have any specific questions you would like to ask me about having a PT, or if you have a PT and would like to share about your experience please do so in the comments below. Looking forward to continuing to share about my fitness journey with you. Here's to doing what works best for you, and owning it.

All my love,