Learn to Back Yourself (No Matter How Small Your Beginning)


I may not be getting thousands of views on a daily basis here on SPARKLE on darling, but I am getting views often from all over the world, and regular visits from my growing community, and each and every one means the absolute world to me and my passion project.

Earlier this year I decided to invest in my own business cards (pictured above), because as much as I have an online identity, right now I'm wanting to come back to reality more and more, and build in person connections as well. So creating my own business cards for my blog, of which I could give out when asked what I do, what my blog is called, or simply, who am I, was the best way I could easily connect with people in person in a way that they would remember me, or have something to take away to remember me by.

My little logo, the jar of hearts (the origin story of the jar to come in a future blog post), for those who don't know was created entirely by me from scratch, as was the entire design of my business cards. I am so proud of my logo and the branding of SPARKLE on darling in general, that to see it on something hard copy, that I could hold in my hands, was really something special. These business cards are also made from 100% recycled cotton T's (something I'm also extremely proud of). I've of late been dreaming of creating more hard copy, hold-in-your-hand,  SPARKLE on darling branded pieces to add to my site for my sparkling readers to have (and to hold), so stay tuned for these future dream projects of mine. For now though, these little business cards are a beautiful start.

When I first started SPARKLE on darling, most thought it was just a 'hobby', but to me it's so much more than that. I've said it before, but it's literally everything to me. The amount of love that has gone into every single design process, blog post, photograph, and well, I've lost count of how much time has gone into it, but my blog is nearly 1 year old and I've put a lot into it, more 'me' than I've ever put into anything else.

Creating a business card was my way of backing myself and how I feel about this passion project of mine, it is my way of saying this is what I love to do, this is what I'm good at, watch out world.. I'm here for the long haul. I had someone from my little community say (kindly), that they thought you would have to be 'bigger' to have something like a business card. This in the moment flawed me, as I did not for one second during the design process of the business cards think that I wasn't 'big' enough online to have one, that I didn't deserve to have one, I simply thought that this was a great opportunity for me to create something memorable for people that meet me to have.


I recently let go of a large social media account (read it here - 'Let Go to Move Forward'), which goes against so much of societies 'online' expectations, but followers and likes don't and will never dictate my worth, followers and likes aren't the height of my identity, I know what I'm worth, and finally I am starting to know who I am, without the numbers, and I love it. Sure I created these business cards when I had that larger social media following, but even now I'm still so proud every time I give them out, because they are me, on a little card, they are my heart and soul, they are the path for others to find and see into my soul too. When I created them I also never put any social handles on there (eg. Instagram usernames), I didn't really know why it didn't feel right to do so at the time, but now I do, because I want to be known for my true passions, my writing and my creativity. These little business cards are me, this is me finally owning my identity.


To anyone out there on an online journey doubting that they aren't 'big' enough or 'well known' enough to do something, throw that idealism out the window, because if you don't do what you want to do, you won't change the lives of those that you would if you did do it. From my blog perspective, one singular reader or a thousand readers, each blog post read, even once, is worth more than a thousand readers if I inspire just one person. Everyone starts small (everyone), small waves still create change. Back yourself, darling, at every stage of your journey. Invest and nurture your dreams no matter how big, or small. You, and only you, are the true owner of your identity.

All my love,