Celebrate You (At Every Stage) + My New Camera


If you are new to my blog, hello beautiful soul, I'm so glad that you are here! For those sparkling new readers of mine recently I celebrated the blogging milestone of 1 whole year of blogging (read it here 'My First Blogiversary + How I Celebrated') by doing some of my favourite things, and then reflected on my first year (read it here - 'My First Year of Blogging + What I've Learnt'), but for me I wasn't going to let this achievement pass me by without spoiling myself, so as my first Blogiversary gift to myself I bought myself a new camera and a new tripod to inspire and motivate me to continue my blogging journey with even more SPARKLE.

My cameras..

Previous camera: Canon PowerShot SX700 HS


This camera I will still be keeping even though I have bought a new one (I took the photo above with it). It is getting on with a few glitches here and there, but it's still a great little camera as a backup, to take with me to the beach etc., and as above, to take photos of myself with my new camera (yeah, it's a blogger thing).

I recently bought a new battery for it to try and get some more life out of it while I still can. With so many new versions coming out all the time I don't really see the point in trying to sell it if it still has some purpose to me, and plus, it will take me a little while to get my head around my new camera (there really is so much to learn).

New camera: Sony A5000 with 16-50mm lens kit


Now for those who are into cameras, I realise I have purchased an older model Alpha (there's newer versions that have already been released to replace this model), but I have my reasons.

My first reason being that this is my first ever interchangeable-lens digital camera, so I didn't want to invest into the higher hundreds or thousands until I really understood how a camera like this works and how to use it properly. I picked this camera up new for $495 which is within my budget and pretty much all I wanted to spend at this stage. My other reasons being that I have read and watched many amazing reviews about this little setup and how good of a camera it is to have as a first interchangeable-lens digital camera. Now I don't intend on going out and pursing photography dreams, I just wanted something a little more advanced than what I had to give me some room to learn, and to improve my photography for my blog, and I know that I will be able to do this with this camera.

Also my thoughts being that if this camera is still around even though it's been passed and overtaken by it's advanced counterparts, there's something to say about that. I figure that I can play around with upgrading the lenses as I get better, then upgrade the body later (maybe my 5 year Blogiversary - who knows).

New tripod: Joby GorillaPod 1K Kit

I am so in love with this accessory. I had previously purchased a no-brand one off eBay, but decided when I was in store buying my new camera that I wanted to invest in a better quality tripod like this as well, and I believe, that you can never have too many tripods anyway (I use all 3 of mine now for different reasons).

The grip that this little tripod has is absolutely incredible, it can pretty much stand on and wrap around anything. After trying out this one, I realised the strength difference in the legs between it and my cheap one I got from eBay. Though the cheap one I got off eBay once again I will be keeping as it will still be great for using it with my phone or a GoPro etc as I have attachments for that.

If anyone is wondering why I would need a tripod like this, well it's great for some of the close up photos I want to take, but also a little insight into the fact that I've been looking into vlogging as my next venture, and my new camera + this tripod will allow me to do that. I have a lot to learn though before I publish any video content, but it's definitely in the pipeline as something I want to have a go at on my journey.


When I first thought about celebrating my 1 year of blogging there was that thought that crossed my mind, do I deserve to? Then I thought, absolutely I do. When I first thought about buying a new camera as my present to myself for my 1 year of blogging, again there was that thought that crossed my mind, do I deserve it? Then I thought once again, absolutely I do, I more than do.

I feel like so many of us wait for the big occasions, the big events, the big moments in life to celebrate ourselves, which are as we all know far and few between (I'm talking Birthday's, dream jobs, weddings, babies, buying your first home etc..), but why do we wait for these when we could be celebrating life at every stage? That's how I feel about my blog, I'm going to celebrate it because I've put in the hard work, because it makes me happy, because who says I can't?

At the end of the day, it's the smaller milestones in our life that actually fill up most of our life, and if we are celebrating them and are making ourselves proud, then to me that's creating our own happiness, not continually waiting for things to happen to us. I say, order the cake darling and light your own damn candle, celebrate you and all that you achieve at every stage of your journey (because you absolutely deserve to).

I cannot wait to share some of my new photographs that I take with my new camera with you, and who knows, maybe even a vlog sometime in the future (dreaming big and making it happen).

All my love,