20 Fun (In Depth) Facts About Me + Get to Know Me More Personally


This blog post was inspired by someone I look up to online after recently reading their fun fact list, so here I am getting a little more personal here in this online space too and letting you in on who I am behind the screen, my past, present and future self in a curated list of slightly in depth facts just because, it's fun.

Some of those close to me already know most of this about me, and some too may know some of these things from following my journey on social media, but for those who don't, let's get raw, real and pearsonal (and very behind the screen) with everything I don't share often..

  1. I'm a vegetarian of 15 years (before it was trendy and on the menu).

  2. Hardly anybody actually calls me Chloe, I mostly get called Clo or Clobo.

  3. I have always loved and been connected to ladybugs (ladybirds), they are always finding me throughout my life and are a big part of what people in my life seem to connect me with when they see them, a lot of my personal possessions reflect this with the little ladies spread all throughout my spaces, including inside my car (they are literally everywhere - not real ones though of course, I wish).

  4. My favourite colour is purple, yet I dress a lot in black and have a lot of pink possessions.

  5. I couldn't handwrite properly until I was in grade 4, in grade 1 my teacher made us all write with our right hands and I strongly believe that I was meant to be left handed as so much of what I still do today is with my left hand though I'm not ambidextrous, in grade 4 my teacher took me in on many of my lunch breaks and taught me to write properly on her own accord because I struggled so much, I'll forever be grateful for her helping me.

  6. I love to and can paint quite well, it's my favourite artistic medium, I just haven't in a long time, I think it's something I will take up again later in life.

  7. My favourite genre of music is heavy metal, I use to be in the middle of mosh pits most weekends with bruises and wounds to show for it, I was a bit of a punk rocker I guess you could say as I also stretched my ears (they haven't returned completely to normal and probably never will), but I will listen to pretty much anything depending on my mood (if you want to follow my music journey you can - my username is clobozzz).

  8. I moved to Brisbane from a small coastal city at age 19 on my own with a backpack, no where to live, no job and only $400 to my name, and still live in Brisbane today (well slightly south of), I'm 28 in 5 weeks time.

  9. I'm a full time legal secretary at a specialised law firm in Brisbane City, I have never studied law, I just kind of 'fell' into this job through someone I knew after spending most of my working life in retail and a little of it in hospitality.

  10. I can talk a lot, it's gotten me into trouble throughout my life more often than I'd probably like, I don't always think before I speak, yet I flourish in quiet and solitude.

  11. Nothing really scares me, I'll pretty much try or do anything when given the chance, I pick up spiders and use to keep them as pets when I was little, I've sky dived at 14,000 feet and can't wait to go bungee jumping one day, I love the feeling you get from taking risks adrenaline.

  12. I prefer to sit on the ground or close to it rather than on a chair, I'm always gravitated towards being an earth child, I probably wouldn't wear shoes if I didn't have to.

  13. I love video games, though I don't play much anymore, I love getting lost in open worlds and MMO's and spent a lot of my last year of high school online gaming instead of studying (my PSN is Cloboz_).

  14. I have two tattoos, one on my left side of a ladybug accompanied with writing that says 'follow your heart' and one on the side of my right forearm that says 'courage', and I can't wait to get more.

  15. I've had lots of piercings, though I don't have any in anymore, I've had my hips pierced which was probably my favourite, but they grew out.

  16. I feel like I've done this life thing before, I have a lot of feelings of my past life show up all the time, I've been told by an elder that they believe I was a vegetarian in my past life which is maybe why I can't explain why I am one now, that I just, am.

  17. I haven't yet travelled further out of Australia other than New Zealand, but plan to, it just hasn't been part of my path yet.

  18. I have a strong fascination and am drawn towards anything related to space, the stars and planets, if you can't find me at night I'm probably laying in the backyard on the grass looking at the stars.

  19. I want to write a book one day, and I will, it's something I've always dreamt about and I'm going to make it happen in time.

  20. I'm still unsure of my direction in life, I am just trying to enjoy the present and letting The Universe guide me each day (I'm 100% for winging it).

I hope you enjoyed this list of fun facts about me, some probably a bit left field to what some may think I would be like, and some more so 'oh yeah, I could see that'. Until the next list of facts, I'd love for you to share something about you in the comments below if you'd like to! Darling, never be afraid to show the world who you really are.

All my love,