Active Nation Day + What it Means to Me


Last Sunday, 30 September 2018, I celebrated my sixth Active Nation Day.

What is Active Nation Day?

Active Nation Day is a day created by Lorna Jane to get the Nation (and the world) moving. To spread awareness about how important it is to move and to encourage everyone and anyone to move their body and fall in love with how exercise makes them feel all over again.

It’s not just about moving though, but about the souls you do it with too. Lorna Jane encourage you to get together with your fellow sporty sisters (or brothers) and do something that makes your body (and soul) sing, whether it’s a walk, a bike ride, or an early morning mountain climb, Active Nation Day is simply about getting moving, however you choose.

Over the years on Active Nation Day I have attended boot camps, Lorna Jane capital city official events and more. This year I opted for an early morning walk along the Esplanade and made some new friends in the process as I was on holiday’s at the time.

What I wore..

I went to Lorna Jane the week leading up to Active Nation Day and treated myself with a new activewear outfit to motivate me to get my move on. 

I instantly fell in love with this navy and ocean vibe print to compliment my ocean side celebration, so I went for the matching set, then opted for a cute grey tight up tank, and of course I always wear the signature MNB (Move, Nourish Believe) bracelet to remind me of the philosophy behind the movement.


How I celebrated this year..

I met with fellow sporty sisters (who I hadn’t met until that morning) at 7.00 am, the perfect time of the day to move. 

We did a 5km walk along the Esplanade, decked out in our Lorna Jane activewear, shared stories, and of course, our love for moving our bodies.


Walking, though simple, is one of my favourite ways to exercise.  I love to go walking without music so I can really soak up the moment and my surroundings. From the morning calls of the birds, the beautiful fresh air and the warmth of the sun.. this year though simple, truly was bliss.

What does Active Nation Day mean to me?

Active Nation Day to me, ever since the very first event I attended back in 2013, means the world. It has been such an inspiring and motivating avenue to reignite my love for Active Living each year, to push myself out of my comfort zone, to do things I love and that make me feel good, to meet new likeminded souls, some of which who have now become life long friends because of our mutual love for Active Living.

Through the Lorna Jane and MNB sisterhood I have gained so much, more than I ever realised I would when I embarked on my personal journey to live my best life, and Active Nation Day has added to this by reminding me about my ‘why’ year after year.

I am forever grateful to be able to move my body, and cannot thank Lorna Jane enough for creating Active Nation Day, as it really is, and probably always will be, one of my favourite days of the year (it’s seriously up there with my Birthday and Christmas). I’m already excited for Active Nation Day 2019 (who knows how I’ll celebrate next year), but as long as I can move, I’m happy.

Lorna Jane’s Active Nation Day is held on the last Sunday of September each year. If you want to learn more about it (and get excited for next year along with me) you can here ‘Active Nation Day’ or here, one of my favourite blogs

Here’s a couple of blog posts from the MNB blog to get you excited (and moving)..

Bring on Active Nation Day next year and many years to come. Perhaps we will get to celebrate together one year my sparkling reader.

All my love,