Digital Marketing Workshop Presented by Real Women Co


On Sunday, 18 March 2018, I attended Real Women Co's first ever workshop of their Women in Business series which was Digital Marketing.

Being an online entrepreneur and having a lot of what I do revolve around digital marketing myself and everything I produce, as soon as I received the Real Women Co member email regarding this workshop I was all over the early bird ticket the day of release, there was no way I was going to miss out on an opportunity to learn, nourish and network around something that I am so passionate about. The morning of I arrived nice and early and made my way through the doors taking photos of everything that caught my eye. This was the first event that I have attended introducing myself first as a 'Lifestyle Blogger'. On arrival we had to make little name tags, on which I wrote on mine that my hustle was Lifestyle Blogger.. my heart burst in this moment, I was owning my path, part of my truth. The best part about it was everyone I met opened their arms to me and couldn't wait to hear about what I blogged about and then more about my blog. It was so nice for once to actually choose how I define myself off paper, away from my 9 to 5, away from my age, away from my past. The event hadn't even officially started and already I was totally in my element.


After we signed in and organised our name tags, we were greeted with a nourishing breakfast spread to kickstart our morning before we gathered to listen and learn. This consisted of granola, coconut yogurt, fresh fruit, freshly brewed coffee (I was in heaven) and so much more.


The guest speakers for the event were..

  • Katie Mulherin - cofounder of Duo Pr (

  • Sophia Aarons - freelance photographer (@sophiaaarons.creative)

  • Sophie Wright and Natalia Kants - digital content executives for P4 Group (@p4group)

  • Sarah Timmerman - CEO and founder of Beginning Boutique (@saraht_bb)

  • Kayla Boyd - social influencer (@kaylaboyd_)

Their presentations were held throughout the morning with a break for lunch and then followed on throughout the afternoon with a small break for afternoon tea. For lunch we were blessed with even more nourishing food, a DIY 'nourish bowl' spread. Now this, this was incredible. Having the opportunity to put together a nourish bowl with everything you could think of is my kind of perfect lunch (and check out the beautiful celebration cake which we had for afternoon tea - wow). I followed up my lunch by making a warming turmeric superfood latte on almond milk to keep me grounded yet energised for the rest of the afternoon.


My favourite key takeaways from the event were..

  • analytics and insights are one of the major keys to digital marketing success

  • when doing a photo shoot make a run sheet (I am definitely doing this for my next photo shoot)

  • know your audience, your goals and your budget when it comes to absolutely everything you do

  • true success takes time and persistence

  • 'Stay in your lane and do what you do.' - Kayla Boyd

There was a competition running throughout the day with 3 prizes to be one, all you had to do was get a little creative by posting a photo of the event during the event, and guess who won third prize. I was absolutely blown away to be chosen for the photo I posted (made me think once again that I continue to doubt myself more than I should).


I won this divine magnesium pack from @thebasecollective. So grateful (shout out to Sophia Aarons for telling me I ticked all the photography boxes and absolutely making my day). At the end of the event we got to say our thank you's and our goodbyes, and also all left with the most amazing goodie bag.


Thank you so much to the founders of Real Women Co who were also hosts of this event, Jacqui (@therealmissbliss) and Katherine (@kbsugarfree), you two are total game changers, thank you for everything. I'm so proud to be a member of something so empowering.


It's safe to say that this event was everything to me. I most definitely did learn, nourish and network my heart and soul out throughout the entire day. I went to this event totally alone, which can be scary, but it's always worth the challenge and the growth. I ended up meeting so many beautiful, like-minded, supportive women that opened their arms and hearts to me as soon as we met, of whom I cannot wait to connect and spend more time with in the future.

If you would like to know more about Real Women Co or are interested in attending the next Women in Business workshop you can learn more at..

Instagram @realwomenco



I am so grateful to have opportunities like this because of my passion project, this blog. This event will be up there on my list as one of my favourite experiences of being a blogger, I'll never forget heading out into the world for the first time as a true 'Lifestyle Blogger' - business cards in hand. It still makes my heart burst when I say I'm a blogger out loud rather than just write about it, because I am, it's what I'm passionate about, it's what sets my soul on fire, and I'm owning it. I would never have had the confidence to attend an event like this as a blogger without you though, my sparkling readers.. so thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support, you are helping me build a future I didn't even know I could.

All my love,