Don't Be too Hard on Yourself + Progress > Perfection


Firstly, I want to talk about how much I love the above photo.. in this moment, at sunrise on Tuesday, 1 January 2019, I was completely content with where I was heading in terms of my goals and plans ahead. This has not changed one month in, why? Because this year I’m choosing to not be too hard on myself, I’m deciding that progress over perfection is enough, because I deserve to feel content at every stage of my journey, and so do you darling, we all do.

It is easy to let the pressure of doing well straight off the bat get to you, in this case from the beginning of the year. Come the end of the first month when we reflect on our goals and plans, some we have succeeded at, and some well.. we haven’t even started, which seems to be when we become discouraged to keep going, to keep aiming at our goals.

Being only one month in I think it’s important to allow ourselves room to tread water if we need to, or in terms of some of our goals, to only dip a toe in, because we aren’t always going to want to, or be able to for that matter, go for that 5.00 am workout, save the whole pay check that week or work on our passion project during the time we had scheduled, if life were perfect (which it isn’t) we would all be nailing it, but where is the fun in perfection, really?

What I am personally working on this year is allowing myself some days to simply make ‘progress’ when it comes to my goals and plans, whether it’s doing one more workout that week than last week, saving a little more money that pay check to last or brainstorming ideas in moments during the day/night without the pressure of that locked in hour to work solely on my passion project.

When we allow ourselves to make progress and decrease the pressure of achieving perfection, we will still achieve our goals, it may not be during the first month of the year which is more than ok, but we will, and not only this, but the entire process of achieving them will be so much more enjoyable because we haven’t been too hard on ourselves during it. I’d rather enjoy my entire year, not just the finish line, wouldn’t you?

So if you are like me and have been working on your goals and plans the best that you can throughout January, know that that is enough, and that you still have 11 months to go to make this your best year yet. Don’t let ticking off boxes or what others are doing bring you down, don’t give up on your goals and plans just because things haven’t totally gone to plan (yet), because I bet if you really wanted to break it down.. you have actually made more progress towards your goals and plans than you realise.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, darling. Trust me, you’re doing great.

All my love,