[EXCITING] NEW Website Reveal + I've Moved My Blog to Squarespace!


Hello beautiful soul and welcome to SPARKLE on darling’s sparkling new space!

This is my first blog post published on my new website and I couldn’t be more excited or proud of what I have created in under a week (whilst on holidays - nailed it). I am absolutely bursting to share it all with you, my sparkling reader.

Firstly, let’s get into the details of my new space before you have a browse around..

What has remained the same?


The most important thing to me was keeping my original domain name, www.sparkleondarling.com, which after a lot of patience I managed to do.


I am still very fond of the original logo I solely created for my blog, so I’ve decided to stick with it. Perhaps in the future I might change it, but for now it still embodies everything SPARKLE on darling is to me.


I have continued to use all of the original photography from my first photo shoot I had done last year for my blog, because I still love them as much as I did when I first had them done. I would love to do another photo shoot in the future to update my photo’s as I personally have changed a little bit, but for now I’m still really happy with the overall look and feel that they give my blog and I.


I successfully moved all of my blog posts from the very beginning right up until last Sunday’s over to my new website, which I am extremely happy about. I have put so many hours and so much love into all of the content I have created so far, that taking it with me was another one of the most important to do’s with this move.


I also successfully moved all of the comments over along with the blog posts, which is seriously amazing, as my sparkling readers and the sparkle they bring to my blog and each and every blog post means the absolute world to me. Unfortunately the only con was that the likes on the blog posts was the one thing that didn’t export over along with the content and comments.

What is different?

Platform (the BIGGEST difference)

This is probably the biggest (and slightly a little bit scary I’m not going to lie) part of my new website. I haven’t just given my blog a makeover, I have completely moved platforms, completely, which is major when it comes to blogging. I started my blog on Wordpress and absolutely loved it, but of late I felt I was ready for a change and Squarespace will give me all that I had before, the change I am looking for and so much more. With a busy job throughout the week I realised I really don’t have a lot of time to be working on coding and updating my website whilst continuing to create new weekly content, but with Squarespace I can edit my website so easily that at this point in my life I knew it was the right direction for my blogging journey (even if in some aspects it feels like I’m starting all over again).

In the future I will do a blog post dedicated to my personal thoughts on Squarespace for anyone interested. I’m going to be raw and real though and say that the move was not at all easy and hiccup free, after already blogging for a year and having so much content to move from one platform to another there was really was lot’s to do. If I had to put the experience of moving my entire blog to another platform into words I would say that it’s kind of like moving house, but for bloggers. I am certain though that the move will be worth it once I start to build my subscriber list and get my blog out there more on social media instead of relying on Wordpress’s inbuilt ‘Followers’ so much. To be honest I was a little worried about losing some of that readership from the inbuilt follower list I had gained on Wordpress, which Squarespace does not have as it is primarily subscriber based, but at the end of the day I want my blog to become more of my own little business one day, so building a personal relationship with my subscribers is something I really wanted to focus on anyway, rather than just appearing in someone’s Wordpress reader.


I have kept to the traditional look of a blog with a sidebar, but added in a lot more features whilst at the same time removed some unnecessary features where I felt I was losing readers because of. I truly feel like my new website is a lot more user and reader friendly, which is the ultimate goal when wanting to increase (and keep increasing) website traffic. I have also tried to incorporate more images, because in the somewhat saturated world of blogging, it’s all about catching someone’s attention to click on your content, and beautiful photo’s I feel will help with this.

Subscription service

This is something as I mentioned above that I really wanted to begin to work on more and more. Though Squarespace doesn’t offer an inbuilt subscription service directly for subscribers like Wordpress does to send out updates about any new blog posts published, it does offer the option to easily add in your own form and lists from a third party. I have chosen MailChimp for my new website, and after a lot of reading and researching ‘how to’s’, test, trials, errors.. and then success, it’s safe to say I am now totally in love and cannot wait to really begin to utilise it more for other projects in the future.

What’s to come?


With Squaurespace and the new subscription service I am using I will be able to easily create a beautiful newsletter, which is something I have thought about doing since I launched my blog. I’m not sure yet on the timing of the newsletter, whether it would be weekly, fortnightly or monthly (I would love your thoughts?), it really depends on my work and how on top of my weekly blog posts I can get, but I’m extremely excited to bring something new to my blog (off the blog).

Social pages

I have been working behind the scenes previously to this new website on creating other social avenues to showcase my blog. I’ve had an Instagram since launch, I have created a Pinterest and recently I have created a Facebook page. Other than the Instagram account, they really are all pretty basic at this point in time with little to no content on them, but I hope to start sending some of my blogs content their way and bring a different audience back to my blog which will really increase my readership.

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I cannot wait to hear what you think of my sparkling new space in the comments below. Every like and comment means the absolute world to me.

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I am really looking forward to continuing to share my blogging journey with you on my new space.

All my love,