If I Accomplish One Thing This Year, This Is It


When reading the title of this blog post you may have been wondering what it is that I intend on accomplishing, well it may not be the first thing that came to your mind as something one might want to accomplish in a year.

There are always a lot of dreams, goals and plans in place at the beginning of any new year for me as I am sure there are for many others too. This for me is something small, but big environmentally speaking that I can do no matter the weather, my mood or what my daybrings, this is something achievable no matter what, and so far 8 months into 2018, so good.

As a long time lover of the soul brew we call 'coffee', this year I pledged to myself (and to the earth) that I would not use a single single use coffee cup when buying coffee, and as above, so far, so good.

Over the years I have collected a couple of reusable coffee cups which I absolutely adore and am more than happy to use on a daily basis, even to make my coffee in at home. A quality reusable coffee cup makes all the difference, if you buy cheap it won't last, which to be honest to me defeats the purpose of having one in the first place. The whole point of a reusable coffee cup is to not create unnecessary waste, and if you buy cheap and it breaks, you are still creating unnecessary waste. I cannot preach enough that investing in quality is the best way to spend your money, whether it's fashion or your reusable coffee cup, quality is everything.

On a work day I will more often than not buy myself a coffee if I feel like it. To some having to have another thing to take with you on your daily commute may seem like too much effort, but if you treat it as part of your wallet+keys+phone routine, it will become a part of it soon enough. Habits can only be created through persistence and perseverance. Part of my routine to make this happen is that each day when I come home and wash my coffee cup I don't put it on the drying rack, I dry it and put it straight back into my work bag so I cannot forget to take it with me. Other ways one could remember it is to do the old sticky note trick on your bag/wallet, the home memo board or even leave a little note in your car to remind you if you've left it inside. Whatever it is that you need to do to help make it happen is worth doing.

For me drinking out of a cup that isn't single use creates a much better coffee experience too. Not only do some reusable coffee cup models keep your coffee hotter for a lot longer, but it's less likely to spill too and I may sound like a coffee snob when I say this, but the sipping experience is way beyond any cheap plastic lid. I don't know why some people thoroughly enjoy drinking out of takeaway cups, it's like as if they don't get a takeaway coffee cup with the cafe's label or brand all over it they haven't been there, it hasn't happened, it isn't as 'cool', well I stand my ground that reusable cups are much cooler. I'd rather save the planet one coffee cup at a time than be a trend seeker. Plus, depending on your local cafe's pricing, I know where I get my cuppa they always give me a discount with my coffee, sometimes 70 cents off, if it's not obvious don't be afraid to ask them if they do it. At the end of the day you are saving them money by not getting a takeaway cup, so generally they return the favour when you BYO coffee cup with the incentive of a discount. Using a quality reusable coffee cup really is a win-win for so many reasons.

I don't think I could figure out my personal statistics of how many single use coffee cups I have prevented going to landfill from using my own entirely this year, but I know it would be a lot. So here's to the next 4 months of continuing one of my smallest (but biggest) goals this year, and something I am extremely proud of. The little things you do every day, really do add up, so do yourself, your pocket and the planet a favour, say NO to single use coffee cups.

All my love,