It's Time To SPARKLE


As another year comes to a close, it’s that time again where we stop to reflect on what we achieved, and of course, what we didn’t. I put my hand up and acknowledge that my 2018 wasn’t all SPARKLE. I started things that I didn’t finish, I picked up some bad habits and because of this I wasn’t as kind to myself as I should have been, but there is still a lot I should be proud of.. a lot of beautiful memories, amazing opportunities, exciting milestones, fun achievements and new paths taken.

In 2018..

  • I went on a beautiful getaway with my boyfriend to Byron Bay (read about it here)

  • One of my recipes was published on a blog that I really look up to (read it here)

  • SPARKLE on darling turned 1 (read about it here)

  • SPARKLE on darling had a Blogiversary celebration (read about it here)

  • I have NOT purchased my coffee in a single use takeaway coffee cup once this year (read about it here)

  • I attended two inspiring events and met some amazing game changing women (read about them here + here)

  • I moved my entire blog to a new platform, from Wordpress to it’s current platform, Squarespace (read about it here)

When I look back on 2018 as a whole I am beyond grateful, for every high and low places us where we are meant to be. I am so proud of the woman I am now going into 2019, I have learnt, grown and am ready to show the world even more of my SPARKLE. I have so many dreams, goals and plans for 2019 that I am absolutely bursting to begin so that I can share it all with you, my sparkling reader. One secret project being.. I will be creating and producing an Ebook! This will not only be my first ever Ebook, but my first ever product available to purchase on SPARKLE on darling too (stay tuned for all of the details to come in 2019).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for supporting me this year, for inspiring me to continue blogging week after week and for simply being a reader of my blog, it means the absolute world to me to have you here to share the journey with, my sparkling reader.

Happy New Year beautiful soul. May 2019 be your best year yet, filled with happiness, everything you love and more.

It’s Time To SPARKLE.

All my love,