Let's Talk Self Love..


Self love is defined by the internet as:



  1. regard for one's own well-being and happiness.

Self love can come in many forms, from things you do for yourself, to how you feel about yourself. So why is it so important, and on everyone’s radar as something we should all attain?

The reason a lot of people are talking about self love is because it’s almost something that has become forgotten, or lost within our busy lives, something that so many of us push aside as a ‘to-do’ rather than a need, right down to the bottom of the list, because who are we to seek self love when we could be doing other things or giving to other people. Well, it’s important because it fills us up, our hearts and our souls, it recharges our mind and body so that we can give back fully to things and those in our lives that require it.

I am a big believer in buying yourself flowers, or anything for that matter that makes you happy, not from a materialistic perspective, but because you deserve things that make you smile. Now, self love doesn’t have to be in the form of flowers, it can be anything that makes you smile, that makes you feel good from the inside out, something that makes you SPARKLE.

As the festive season is fast approaching I think it’s important for all of us to attain self love, or for some of us already on the self love bandwagon, to maintain it, to really put effort into ourselves during a time of working harder and giving so much back to the world and others.

5 easy ways to show yourself some LOVE..

  • Buy yourself a bunch of your favourite flowers for no reason other than just because (my favourite are sunflowers).

  • Treat yourself with something you have been lusting after before you begin wrapping presents for everyone else.

  • Allow yourself to take a nap, no matter the time of day, if you’re tired or feel you are craving rest (there’s a reason you are - you need it). This can be an exhausting time of year so it’s crucial we take time to recharge so that we can carry on (or soon - Merry on).

  • Cook yourself YOUR favourite meal. Choose a night a week, or whenever works for you, to make something that makes your food-soul sing. Take time to really cherish this meal and the moment, as it’s just for you.

  • Turn your phone off for one entire day, of course keeping in mind to choose a day where you aren’t expecting any important texts/calls and make sure to let your loved ones know you are doing it so they don’t worry about you. Taking some time out from seeing what everyone else is doing is a gift, and something that really will fill you back up with energy and SPARKLE.

I would love to know how you show yourself love, or are going to show yourself some love after reading this blog post in the comments below. It’s so easy to forget about one of the most important people in our lives, you.

In order to give fully, to love others fully and wholeheartedly, first, we must learn to love ourselves.

All my love,