My First Coffee Talk + Exciting News


I've loved the idea of coffee talk ever since seeing it on some other blogs, so I thought I would do my very own with my own spin on it (or coffee art).

To me 'coffee talk' is about everything and anything, from what's happening in the moment and what you've been up to, what you are loving to any new news you may have (pretty much anything you'd talk about with your girlfriends over coffee). In this blog post I'm going to delve into all of this and more, with some exciting news to share with you too, here first, my sparkling reader.


I am currently on holiday's and have been since last Thursday (my 28th Birthday). I've done all the pampering, got a new tattoo and then road tripped home to visit my family (there really is no place like home..).

So far since I've been home I've pretty much just slept a whole lot, drunk all the coffee, visited family, watched the sun set, watched the preliminary footy final with mum and dad last night and today I've been working on my blog and did some grocery shopping in between, because when I'm home mum and dad want me to cook ALL the things.


So far on the menu this week (predomenantly requested by my mother) is jacket potatoes (the one's with all the toppings, my infamous cauliflower bake, fried rice and pasta salad.

I'm not sure what else I'll get up to for the rest of my holiday's, there's some things I can't do because of my new tattoo (it feels like a lot), but to be honest I really just want to hang out with my family and rest. My body of late has been somewhat struggling to stay above water, I've had food poisoning, a bad cold and over the last couple of weeks have been battling yet another cold with an awful dry cough, so rest over my holiday's really is my priority (my new tattoo is making me stick to this too - so far so good).

I'll probably do a little holiday blog post depending on what I get up to. I love to get my photography on and then do some writing while I'm on holiday's as I always end up feeling super inspired.


I've gotten back into listening to podcasts of late, and even more so on my road trip home on Friday, as listening to a podcast helps to keep me more awake and alert than music does when I'm driving for long periods.

The podcast I'm loving at the moment is 'Blogging Your Passion'.


This podcast is probably more for my fellow blogger sparkling readers out there. I've already learnt so much so I can't really put in detail what I've learnt because it would probably be a novel and I've only listened to a few episodes, but basically the podcast is about everything blogging, from how to start a blog, grow your blog, create content and so much more.

How I came to find this podcast simply stemmed from curiosity of seeing if there was a podcast about blogs, and I don't think I could have chosen a better dedicated bloggers podcast than this one to listen to first. The hosts are so full of knowledge and so helpful (even if you are only listening). I cannot recommend this podcast enough for any current bloggers or even for anyone thinking about starting their own blog, this podcast will more than help you on your current or future blogging journey.

If you would like to learn more about Blogging Your Passion and what they offer you can at..


News.. (it's SPARKLY!)

I've been thinking about doing this for a while, and my 28th year around the sun is all about following my heart deeper than I ever have before.

SPARKLE on darling is.. MOVING! After a lot of research, reading and contemplating I am making the move from Wordpress to Squarespace. Not only am I moving, but SPARKLE on darling is also getting a refresh with not only a fresh new look but new features too (thanks to Squarespace).


Why Squarespace? To be honest I've just been struggling with Wordpress, not because I can't edit my own site, but because I felt I wanted more for my blog. I want it to still be relatable, but also more professional as I start to want to get more out of it and give more back, I want it to still reflect everything it already is, but also become more seamless and user friendly, I want to keep most of the current features, but also add a lot more, think a new subscriber signup and SPARKLE on darling's very own newsletter coming your way my sparkling reader.

I am absolutely bursting to continue to share my blogging journey with you on a sparkling new platform, it's going to be sparklier than ever before. Stay tuned on Instagram at @sparkleondarling and also on my personal account @chloeawilson for all of the announcements and of course, the launch!

Also, if you would like to comment below or email me at your email address I will add you to my new subscriber list as well (I would love to take you with me).

Bring on the rest of my relaxing holiday, more inspiring podcast episodes and ALL the SPARKLE.

All my love,