My First Staycation in Brisbane


In case you missed my recent coffee talk on the blog (read it here - ‘New Year Coffee Talk #4 + I’m on ‘Staycation’’), on Saturday, 26 January 2019, the first public holiday long weekend this year here in Brisbane, I decided to take myself on a little getaway, but as I stayed in the city where I reside, it was more of a ‘staycation’ rather than ‘getting away’.

Where I stayed..

I was a little picky in where I chose to stay because I wanted to stay in a fully furnished apartment rather than a hotel room or a studio, I wanted my short stay to feel like a home away from home, I wanted to feel relaxed and nice and cool, I wanted to have all of the basic necessities (eg. full kitchen) so that I could go about my day as usual and I also wanted it to look ‘home like’ so that I could utilise the space for content creation.

For my staycation I chose to stay at the Brisbane Casino Towers at South Brisbane, and the apartment I stayed in really did tick all of the above boxes for what I wanted, and more (I wanted to move in).

Day 1 - Saturday, 26 January

I arrived at the Brisbane Casino Towers and checked into my apartment around 3.00 pm on the Saturday afternoon. I was delegated my very own complimentary parking space under the building, which was a big plus as I drove into the city because I not only had my personal belongings with me, but I also had my laptop, all of my camera gear and some props.

Being a blogger, when I first arrive at a destination such as a pretty space like this, I actually don’t unpack my things straight away because I like to photograph it as is first without all of my belongings in the frame.


I spent most of the afternoon settling in and taking some photos before heading out of the apartment in the early evening to get myself some takeaway dinner (vegetarian Indian) so that I could dine in and to stock up on basic fridge and pantry supplies so that I had everything I needed for my weekend ahead.


Day 2 - Sunday, 27 January

The bed was so comfortable, for me jumping into a bed that someone else has made always feels so much nicer too. I remember waking up and feeling so refreshed and excited for my day ahead in the apartment. For some reason whenever I am away from home, wherever it may be, I get tiny bursts of new inspiration and motivation towards all aspects of my life, which is another reason why I wanted to do this to keep my new year SPARKLE going.

On my first morning in the apartment I made a coffee and thoroughly enjoyed a simple and slow morning which consisted of drinking my cuppa slowly whilst enjoying the beautiful view of Brisbane City and the Brisbane river, jumping back into bed with my cuppa just because I could, making another cuppa, enjoying more of the view from the little balcony and doing some journaling.


I continued to take it easy in the morning by heading out for a walk to South Bank to move my body, get some fresh air and sneak in a barista made coffee (I know, three coffees - clearly I was having a party) before settling back into the apartment to a healthy breakfast of granola and yoghurt and some more relaxing, followed by an afternoon of working on my passion projects. The apartment even had a space where I could set up a workspace which I utilised along with the couch, would you believe that a lot of my best work is done from couches.


Day 3 - Monday, 28 January

On the second and last morning of my staycation part of me desperately wanted to sleep in, but I ended up making the most of my time left in the apartment by waking and getting up early so that I could do some small acts that make me SPARKLE. This included basking in the sun on the balcony, some more journaling and yoga.

Then I got ready, packed my belongings and managed to sneak in one last coffee in the apartment before I checked out right on 10.00 am and headed back to my real home sweet home.


Staycation verdict..

I would absolutely do it again! One of my most favourite things about going on a ‘staycation’ is that I didn’t have the long road trip home so I still felt refreshed and sparkly when I arrived home.

The only thing I missed in this apartment was a coffee machine as there was only instant coffee and a kettle, but to be honest being in a beautiful space like this, in aircon and having so much time to relax and do what I love, going without my coffee machine for a couple of days was so worth it.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got up to on my first staycation as much as I enjoyed going on it and blogging about it. Have you ever gone on a staycation in your own city? I would love to hear about your staycation experience in the comments below.


Until next staycation Brissy!

All my love,