My Fitness Journey + Taking a Break


If you aren't a regular reader of mine, basically this year I have been taking a more light hearted approach to my fitness, I've been purely focussing on what I enjoy and what feels good to me at the time, less the pressure of trying to do it all and do it perfectly (read it here - 'Restarting My Fitness Journey (Again)' + here 'Why I Love Having a Personal Trainer').

Recently my personal trainer announced that she is taking a break from personal training, which at the time I thought no worries I'll just keep training like she's taught me, but truth is I haven't been back to the gym since she stopped. I don't really have a simple answer as to why I haven't gone back, except for maybe I suddenly felt a bit lost and started to think that perhaps this is a sign for me to try other avenues as well, so I haven't been back and plan to cancel my gym membership (again) soon after giving some real thought about it.

I know to some it may seem like I have given up on my fitness journey (again), but I haven't, I'm just taking a break until I find my new fitness path, and in the mean time I plan to do some more soul/body focussed work like yoga and internal work like mediation. If I decide to do more than that again in the near future then I'll run with that too and follow wherever my wannabe endorphins lead me, but for now I'm simply going with the flow and not at all being hard on myself about it.

Through training with my personal trainer I really did learn a lot, a real lot in terms of how to train properly for my body type and what I want out of it, and in the midst of the few months I spent with her I also had some pretty big changes happen to my body, but recently I've noticed that's not the case anymore, my body has settled back into my normal balanced weight (a lot less) and I've lost nearly all tone, but that's ok, I want to continually work on loving myself at every stage of my journey. As I've said, maybe I'll get back into the gym again, but maybe I won't, I'm listening to the cues that life gives me and the vibrations of where my heart takes me.

For anyone out there having all kinds of ups, downs or like me simply 'chilling' when it comes to their fitness, know that you have a whole life ahead of you to workout again, the gym will still be there. For me as long as I'm working on the little things every day, like eating well and getting decent sleep, these will leave me feeling good and with more energy to walk and dance through my days the best that I can.

Our bodies have this brilliant resilience when it comes to what we throw at them, constantly working on keeping us alive and breathing, whether we go above and beyond, or we don't. Even without a gym membership I will still do my best to give my body the best opportunities, I'll park my car further away, choose to take the stairs and drink my two litres of water. If there's one thing I've taken away from my forever-ever-changing fitness journey, it's that you don't need to 'workout' 7 days a week to look after your body, 7 days a week, you just need to work with what you have at the time.

I've learnt that 'your best' when it comes to your personal journey, no matter what it may look like to others, is and always has been more than enough. Don't sweat it (pun intended) and trust your path.

All my love,