Tis' The Season To SPARKLE


Hello December! The sparkliest month of the year (in my personal opinion anyway), because it’s now Summer here in Australia, the festive season is upon us and one of my favourite days of the year too, Christmas Day.

I took the entire month of November off from blogging as I felt I needed it. I needed space to reignite my creativity, get inspired and become motivated again to blog so that I was full of SPARKLE and rejuvinated ready to create the 2018 Christmas content for SPARKLE on darling.

Taking November off from content creation made me realise how much I love blogging, because I truly did miss it. I missed brain storming ideas, creating content and most of all writing. There are days where I wonder if it’s worth all of the time and energy I put into each and every aspect of my blog, but when I’m in the midst of creating content I remember my blogging ‘WHY’ all over again. Blogging makes the creative side of my soul burst, it makes me feel excited and importantly, blogging makes me really, really happy. I blog for others, yes, but I believe when it comes down to whatever you do with your time, part of your why has to be for you too.

When I was creating my Christmas content today, though for others, I honestly felt like I was in heaven with my music on, cuppa near by, whilst I was towering over the table with my camera and tripod, trying to get ‘the’ perfect shot. To me as long as what you do remains enjoyable, continue it, because when you find something that makes you happy, it’s worth all the time and energy in the world that you can give it.

Ok, now I’ve poured my heart out over how much I love Christmas and blogging (can you tell I’m excited to be back), let’s get into what you can expect throughout the month of December during my second ‘A SPARKLE on darling Christmas’ series, this blog post being the first from the series.

What’s to come..

  • Sunday, 9 December 2018 - tips and tricks to get through the festive season with SPARKLE

  • Sunday, 16 December 2018 - a new recipe.. think a festive inspired breakfast/snack

  • Sunday, 23 December 2018 - a Christmas(y) ‘coffee talk’ (because coffee talks are my new found love to write)

And then.. we will be diving into all things new year here on SPARKLE on darling. I have big dreams, plans and goals for 2019 of which I absolutely cannot wait to share with you, my sparkling reader.

This season really is the one, if you haven’t already this year, to ignite your SPARKLE. I hope throughout my Christmas series once again you begin to feel all the festive vibes, and of course, the love. Make sure to subscribe to SPARKLE on darling to ensure you don't miss the next blog post from the second 'A SPARKLE on darling Christmas' series. I publish new content every Sunday night at 7.00 pm AEST, and would love nothing more than to have you as one of my regular sparkling readers.

Are you ready to get your SPARKLE on this Christmas? I know I am.

All my love,